Dispelling the Artificial Grass Myths

Artificial Grass has come a very long way since it was introduced back in the 60’s – however, people’s perceptions of it haven’t moved with the times and there are still many misconceptions regarding the product.

The manufacturing process has developed massively, meaning that the end product is of a much better quality resulting in easier installation and even less maintenance. Having been in business for over 20 years, we carefully chose each component to ensure the product looks as realistic as possible – many of our customers are pleasantly surprised at how realistic our grasses areas still believe they look plastic and bright.

We hear all the time that Artificial Grass is ‘too expensive’ but this isn’t the case. Our range is broad so there’s a grass to suit every budget and every application. We know people work within budgets so we always try our hardest to make sure you’re getting the very best deal on your purchases. When buying through Nomow, you can opt to have us do your installation for you, or you can buy directly from us – meaning you’re getting our high-quality product without the added cost of an installation.

Although Nomow does have a full range of sports grasses, Artificial Grass isn’t just for sports pitches in any way which many people still believe. We have a great range of Artificial Grasses that are perfect for domestic gardens, playgrounds, events and conferences, or commercial areas. By choosing these types of grasses, you’re certainly not missing out on quality – they are extremely durable and will withstand sports.  

If you have any other queries regarding our products then just get in touch! We’ll happily go through everything with you and send you our sample pack so you can see our products in person.