Benefits You’ll Only Get With Artificial Grass

Ok so we’ve discussed how artificial grass looks and feels like the real thing, along with the ways it can save you money, but what are the 3 things you get from synthetic turf which you simply CAN’T get from natural grass?

Decreased costs

It can’t be disputed that when it comes to making savings, you wont get better than artificial grass.

To keep a natural lawn looking healthy you can end up spending a fortune. As artificial grass is considered an ‘up front’ product, you will achieve truly unlimited savings on your water bill, electrical and treatment costs.

In fact, once you pay for synthetic turf, you need never spend another penny on it!

Added safety

You may not have realised it, but artificial grass is actually a much safer option than natural turf.

Excessive wear and tear by children or pets can make your garden unsafe for them to be running round and playing on. Natural grass grown from seed naturally sits on an uneven surface, and these invisible tripping hazards can result in major injuries. The infill gives extra cushioning so you won’t land with a ‘thud’ if you do come tumbling down.

Wholesale prices

NoMow offers trade prices to commercial and trade customers as well as commercial organisations.

That way, you can save yourself money whilst taking advantage of all the other benefits that artificial grass has to offer. If you’re trying to find someone to sell you sod or seed at wholesale prices, good luck!

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