Benefits of Playing Tennis on Artificial Grass

During late June through early July, The Championships, Wimbledon takes place. Top tennis athletes from different countries travel over to England to take part in the oldest major tennis tournament in the world. Wimbledon is a tournament every player dreams of winning, as the history, atmosphere and legends that have come from playing make Wimbledon magical.

In 1877, Wimbledon was born and since the first match, the tournament has continued to be a success. Each court has a grass surface which can become unpredictable through the two-week tournament. If you have attended Wimbledon or watched the matches on the television, you know that when a speck of raindrops onto the grass, the ball boys race to get the cover over the surface and play becomes suspended. Even though in 2009, the centre court had a retractable roof put on to make sure spectators saw some play, the other 19 grass courts and 22 practice courts have to rely on mother nature.

Real grass has been the surface at Wimbledon for the past 139 years, but the benefits that come with artificial grass cannot be ignored. Take a look at some of the main benefits of playing tennis on artificial grass…


From day one of the event, all through to the final, you will notice the grass deteriorating and becoming more slippery. Artificial grass will not change appearance, texture or need as much maintenance.


When playing tennis on natural grass, the smallest drop of rain is instantly absorbed, and play has to stop. Artificial grass can not only withstand large amounts of rainfall but more importantly, the surface won’t become muddy and hazardous to play on.


If Wimbledon changed to artificial grass, spectators would never have to worry about attending the event and not seeing any play! You would be guaranteed to see the top talents in the world compete against one another.

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If you are a fan of Wimbledon and have waited for the tournament to arrive, take note of the date:  27th June – 10th July 2016!