Artificial Grass Improves Golfing Facilities

July is the month where golf becomes a topic throughout the world, as the famous British Open Championship takes place. This year will mark the 145th Open Championship and the 9th year played at Royal Troon Golf Club.

The prestigious tournament is taking place from 10-17 July, and the worlds greatest golfers will be competing against each other throughout the week in order to be crowned champion.

Even though the British Open Championship is played on real grass, many clubs and golfers are turning to artificial grass to practice and compete on; here’s why:

  1. One main benefit of artificial grass is that golf clubs can prevent members from drifting away during the winter season as the grass is too wet to play on. Instead, they are able to offer a service not many clubs can; all year play.
  1. The lack of maintenance needed to keep the grass at the perfect height is another financial bonus for golf clubs, as they will not need to hire groundkeepers daily as the all-weather surface will be the correct length all year round.

Avid golfers who play all year round, regardless of the weather, will move to a club that offers this advantage. You will generate new members, resulting in sales growth.

  1. Artificial grass is not like it used to be. With new technology, the artificial grass not only looks real, you can also play on the artificial grass without noticing a drastic change. The ball does not skid off the surface and pegs stay put; you may even forget you are playing on an artificial surface due to the similarity!
  1. Households that encourage sport in the garden, have even opted for a mini-golf course. This allows children to practice their swing, control and direction without leaving the back garden. Once they have mastered the basics, they can apply this new skill to a larger golf course.

All these bonuses allow golfers to enjoy the sport all year round, while saving the club money on maintenance, and consistently gaining new members. Nomow is a leading name in Europe for artificial grass, which is why professional and avid golfers rely on Nomow for a championship turf. Get n touch today if you are considering making the switch to artificial grass.