Are You Ready to Change to Artificial Grass?

Change is an area that many people are afraid of. If you have never had an artificial garden before, then changing to a different grass may feel quite daunting.

One of the main concerns with first-time artificial grass buyers is the texture and appearance. After all, you want a product that looks like real grass but has a lot less maintenance. This is exactly why artificial grass has become popular in households. In order for you to find the perfect grass for your household, Nomow allows you to receive a complimentary sample of the grass, which you are tempted to buy. This allows you to not only see the grass in daylight, but you are also able to feel the texture.

At Nomow, we want to help you create the perfect garden, which is why we have talented and experienced installers that will answer any questions or queries you may have. If you have a specific design, we will sit down with you and make your design become a reality.

While you are still deciding on what type of grass you want to purchase, have a look through our gallery to see the different styles other customers went for. This allows you to witness our over 20 years of experience while stealing some ideas from other artificial grass buyers!

We are the number one artificial grass company in the United Kingdom and we are also Europe’s leading name in artificial grass. We not only received this title because of our great prices but also because we listen to our customers and work our hardest to make their dreams become a reality. If you are ready to change to artificial grass, contact us today!