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Artificial Surfaces Are The Answer For Football Clubs

Ashington Football Club are an English football club who compete in the Northern League Division One. Every football player and football fan know how frustrating it is when a game gets called off, and rescheduled, which is why the Head Coach, Ian Skinner has spoken up about his frustration.

Ashington have been trying to schedule matches with Marske United, however, every time they have schedule the match, the weather has become a large obstacle for every team in the league. This was the ninth successive postponed match, which has caused frustration and anger for every player, fan and coach associated with Ashington Football Club

Six weeks have gone by since any competitive football games have taken place. Every sportsperson knows that you need to compete on a weekly basis in order to perform and win, hence why the large football teams travel and compete in the off-season.

This winter has had one of the worst downpours of rain, and the same could happen every year, which is why forward thinkers are changing their playing surface to artificial. Skinner mentioned to News Post Leader in an interview that over the past 20 years, the longest time he hasn’t been able to coach was two and a half weeks, and that was due to heavy snow. So understandably, he is shocked that rain has had this affect on the grass.

Artificial grass is not only long lasting, but games can be played on the surface regardless of the weather. This is a large benefit to lower league clubs, as many of the players have full time jobs and work their social schedule around the fixtures. By having consistency in their life, and consistency in their matches, they will be able to relax, be focused and play the sport they love weekly.

If you are interested in changing your surface to artificial grass, feel free to contact Nomow today for more information on what type of artificial grass surface will be the most beneficial to your needs.