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Artificial Turf at Airports

 Artificial Turf at Airports

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A study to investigate the considerations and concerns associated with airside applications of artificial turf was conducted using input from the Synthetic turf manufacturers and by administering and discussing questionnaire surveys via site visits to airports.

These site visits were scheduled with some airports that already had installed artificial turf plots and during the installation of fake turf plots at other airports.

Artificial turf has several advantages over natural grass for use at airports:

  • Rescue and firefighting vehicles can reliably drive on the artificial surface, as can planes that veer off the runway.
  • Foreign Object Damage (FOD) can be reduced.
  • Artificial grass provides no food, shelter, or water for wildlife, reducing the risk of wildlife colliding with planes.
  • Artificial grass is always bright green, even in winter, and provides good visual contrast with runways and taxiways.
  • Synthetic Grass will not wash away or become muddy, and helps to stabilise runway and taxiway shoulders.
  • Less maintenance means fewer workers need security clearances, there is less chance of runway incursions by maintenance machines, and may reduce costs.
  • Erosion from aircraft maneuvering is much reduced.

Source: Wikipedia, May 2012


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