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ZeoStop bag
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ZeoStop 25Kg Bag


ZeoStop is a truly excellent solution for anyone with dogs and artificial grass. With an almost miracle quality, ZeoStop is able to continuously filter urine and eliminate odours, without the need to be replenished.

ZeoStop is produced naturally during a volcanic eruption. Due to its unique honeycombed structure, it has the ability to capture ammonia molecules from urine and thus eliminating offending smells.

Once the ammonia is captured it is then released again during the next rainfall, where it is washed away. This creates a perfect scenario where ammonia is continuously captured and then released time and time again, without using up any resource.

We recommend using 7 – 12 Kg’s of ZeoStop per square metre on new lawns. If you have several large dogs you should use 12Kg per square metre, if you have one small dog then 7Kg per square metre might be more suitable.

We have 2 Artificial Grasses that are specifically designed to be used with ZeoStop. ‘Champion’ and ‘Best in Show’.

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Weight 25 kg
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