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Nomow Shockpad Boards 2m x 1.4m


Our 30mm, 40mm, 60mm and 70mm Shockpad boards are designed to be installed under artificial grass and provide protection for children using play equipment. All of our Shockpad Boards have been independently tested to European Standard EN 1177:2008.

30mm Board – Critical Fall Height 1 metre – £48.88

40mm Board – Critical Fall Height 1.7 metres – £65.96

60mm Board – Critical Fall Height 2.2 metres – £88.71

70mm Board – Critical Fall Height 3 metres – £100.17

(Please note: Critical Fall Height has only been certified with Nomow products and Artificial Grasses.)

The Shockpad polymer laminated mat has a dual maxi and micro cell structure which, compresses and progressively absorbs energy under load, ensuring a controlled deceleration in a fall. Following the impact the cell structure recovers 100%.

All of our Shockpad Boards are compatible with any Nomow Artificial Grass. They are also suitable to be used outdoors and are certified for use on tarmac, concrete and subsoil surfaces.

To connect the boards together you will need to use our Shockpad joining tape.

Each board is 2m by 1.4m (2.8m²)

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Good For Children


Ideal For

Play Areas

Critical Fall Height

3 Metres


2000mm x 1400mm

Water Resistant


Board Depth for Critical Fall Height

30mm for CFH 1 metre, 40mm for CFH 1.7 metres, 60mm for CFH 2.2 metres, 70mm for CFH 3 metres