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Clearance Stock image club 35mm

35mm Club Clearance Rolls


Our end of line clearance rolls are top quality artificial grasses with massively discounted prices.

These rolls are reduced because they are a grass type that we no longer sell in our main range of products. Thus we are unable to cut them down to bespoke lengths. We are also unable to provide samples.

The grass still has the same high-quality features as brand new artificial grass in that it is UV stabilised, durable and looks great.

Only 1 of each product is available.

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Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
UV Stabilised


Dimensions Available

4m X 4.20m (£178.56), 4m X 3.50m (£148.80), 4m X 3.40m (£144.55), 4m X 3.30m (£140.30), 4m X 3.20m (£136.05), 4m X 3m (£127.54), 4m X 2.90m (£123.29), 4m X 2.80m (£119.04), 4m X 2.70m (£114.79), 4m X 2.50m (£106.29), 4m X 2.40m (£102.03), 4m X 2.30m (£97.78), 4m X 2.10m (£89.28), 4m X 2m (£85.03), 4m X 1.90m (£80.78), 4m X 1.80m (£76.53), 4m X 1.70m (£72.27), 4m X 1.60m (£68.02), 4m X 1.50m (£63.77), 4m X 1.40m (£59.52), 4m X 1m (£42.51), 3.8m X 2m (£80.78), 3.80m X 1.70m (£68.66), 3.80m X 1.50m (£60.58), 3.80m X 1.30m (£52.51), 2m X 5m (£106.29), 2m X 2.60m (£55.27), 2m X 2m (£42.51), 1.90m x 3m (£60.58), 1.90m x 2.60m (£52.51), 1.90m x 2.50m (£50.49)

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