Why Artificial Grass Transformed This Business

When you hear ‘artificial grass,’ you automatically assume grass for your garden or for an outdoor space. Yes, the majority of orders are for grass outside, however, this business used grass to enhance their indoor space and the results are incredible. By having a unique idea, the workplace becomes a better environment for employees, plus, your competitors become envious.

Rentalcars is a vehicle hire firm, who spent £2.7 million upgrading its Manchester office into a modern, extremely fun and mesmerising environment. According to the Daily mail, the office not only has open air-cinema rooms, a Starbucks café, but they also have an indoor park area and a rooftop beach games room where they use artificial grass.

The artificial grass has multipurpose within the office environment. By using it on the floor, people are able to sit down comfortably, as well as giving an outdoor feel without having to step outside into the Manchester weather. The artificial grass not only adds character, but the texture is comfortable to walk and sit on, plus the grass looks visually appealing.

The office area is kept smart and professional, so employees will keep focused! However, visitors who enter the office are instantly impressed and naturally, in awe. The meeting rooms are themed, to keep the staff energised and engaged. They range from Back to the Future to James Bond but still have a professional appearance.

By thinking outside the box, your company not only produces an improved working environment for your employees, but it becomes recognised for positive reasons. The growth of your company most likely will grow, and the work ethic within the company will significantly increase.

If you are interested in creating a new atmosphere within the office, call Nomow today, to make your vision a reality. Our experienced team will help your idea come to life while offering key advice. We will leave you with a couple of photos to fuel your imagination on what the future could hold for you!


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