Turn Your Tiny Garden into an Outdoor Paradise

Outdoor space comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, but having a small garden definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great garden!

There are a number of ways that you can transform a small garden into an amazing space with little work and imagination – often with little money out of pocket!

We all have unique visions of how the ‘ideal garden’ functions and what it looks like. What may feel like a tiny space to you could be someone else’s personal paradise. Your garden is full of opportunities regardless of the size, so why not get started!

Read on for the Nomow guide on turning a tiny garden into a great area to entertain guests, play with kids or simply have some ‘me time’.


When your garden’s small, it’s tempting to add a little bit of everything to get your moneys worth but try to decide upon one function that appeals to you and suits your garden, and stick with it.

Do you want your garden to function as a small area for entertaining, a fragrant area for plants and flowerbeds or somewhere for your kids to play? Once you decide on a suitable function, you can make the most of that space you have.

Regardless of your budget, there are plenty of ways to get fun, beauty and fragrance into your garden.


There are a number of ways you can utilise a small outdoor space without having a traditionally laid out garden lawn. It may be that your ‘garden’ is in a more unconventional area of your property such as a balcony, rooftop or terrace.

There’s no reason why savvy urban gardeners can’t enjoy all the benefits of gardening without the need for vast amounts of land. Nomow’s range of artificial grass can be laid on any surface, providing the perfect solution for a no maintenance area of grass where growing natural turf is simply not possible.

Nomow artificial grass is so easy to maintain that your garden will stay looking lush and green for years to come without any of the stress or expense that comes with planting a traditional grass lawn.

Nomow has an exclusive range of artificial grass available to suit every size of budget, so whatever you have to spend, it will almost certainly stretch to a Nomow garden.

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