Tips for Building a Rooftop Garden

Gardeners without back gardens, go vertical!!

Urban gardeners everywhere are looking to the skies to create their very own rooftop oasis and there are plenty of great reasons why!

A rooftop garden is a great way to enjoy all the benefits of gardening without the need for vast amounts of land.

Transforming a roof space is certainly not a new thing – city dwellers have been tucking plants on roofs and fire escapes for generations!

Benefits of a roof top garden include:

  • They make use of unused or underused space.
  • They add a bright dash of green to a grey city landscape.
  • They can provide privacy.
  • They can be extremely environmentally friendly.
  • There is usually good sun exposure.

If you’re considering a roof top garden there are a number of things to think about.

Permission – check that regulations in your building allow for a rooftop garden. You don’t want to start planning your garden only to find out that it is prohibited.

Drainage – check for an efficient drainage system, and make sure there are no water leaks that many cause damage to the roof.

Wind – strong winds can pose a threat to rooftop gardens. Trellises or windbreakers will help prevent any great damage.

Containers – Plant containers should be lightweight but stable. Hanging containers are always a good option, but make sure there is somewhere for them to drain.

Plants – You can plant virtually anything in a container. Plants with limited root systems that don’t need a great deal of soil are best but ultimately your choice of plants will require some trial and error. And who says that rooftops gardens should be limited to flowers and plants? Consider planting herbs and vegetables in deep wooden boxes. Lettuce, peas, beans, tomatoes, and onions, are all capable of thriving in a rooftop garden.

Grass – Nomow’s range of artificial grass provides the perfect solution for a natural looking, no maintenance lawn on your rooftop garden. Nomow artificial grass is so easy to maintain that your roof garden will stay looking lush and green for years to come, without any of the stress or expense that comes with planting a traditional grass lawn.

Take a look in our online shop and choose which range would suit your rooftop garden best. We have a wide range of colours and pile heights to choose from and we can even send you a free sample if you are unsure.