Why is Artificial Grass Great for Sports?

Sport plays a big part in everybody’s life, whether you enjoy competing, playing or watching it on the television or live.

One of the main questions asked is ‘why should we change the surface to artificial grass?’


Anybody who has played tennis, or taken time to watch Wimbledon, know how frustrating it can be when the rain starts to pour down. Local clubs now rely on artificial grass as play can still continue even when it is raining. The reason for this is that the surface is not as slippery and it is safer to continue play on.


The mud and puddles are one of the main reasons football clubs are changing to artificial grass. This is due to the fact there is less chance of players becoming injured. We all know how walking on a muddy field is fairly tricky, so imagine how running and keeping control of a football must be! Artificial grass is especially great for local football clubs, as not only is the maintenance cost lower, the clubs will not have to cancel football tournaments due to the unevenness of the pitch.


Nomow offers golf clubs surfaces that do not need any maintenance and are perfect to play on in any weather. Nomow artificial grass allows golfers of all abilities to practice on the course, and improve their skills. However, the main reason artificial grass has become so popular is that Nomow’s artificial grass is extremely smooth and consistent, which means it’s hard to tell the difference. 

Multiuse surface for activities

This is perfect for schools that want to use one area of grass for multiple sports. This means that when playtime comes, the children can safely play on the artificial grass without bringing any mud into school! Also, after school activities can still continue regardless of the weather. However, the major plus for schools, is that Nomow’s artificial grass can last up to 20 years, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

If you are interested in learning more information about how to improve sport surfaces either in your back garden, local club or schools, contact us today.