Put These Six Weeks to Good Use – Redo Your Playground!

The summer holidays are here, which means no students will be attending school until late August/ early September. This means you have around six weeks to create a playground your school can be proud of!

With studies showing that exercise in school has decreased over the years, having a playground that’s safe and exciting to play on is vital if you want to encourage physical activity in the playground.

The National Child Measurement Programme showed nearly 20 per cent of children aged 10-11 were obese and a further 14.4 per cent were classed as overweight. Exercise not only helps children become more active and maintain a healthy weight, but it also makes their brains more focused.

The statistics and data proving the decrease in physical activity can not be ignored, and for this reason, we encourage you to take advantage of these six weeks and create a playground that will inspire children of all ages to play.


Many nurseries opt for different coloured artificial grass and imaginative play areas. Creating pirate ships and castles help toddlers release their imagination and by using artificial grass, the children will have a safe landing. Also, when their parents pick them up, they will not be covered in grass stains and mud!

Primary School

During primary school, children still enjoy fulfilling their imagination which is why one school decided to create a play area that involved a pedestrian crossing and a road. Nomow would also recommend a large artificial grass area for children to run and play sport on during lunchtime.

Secondary School

Having an artificial grass area allows students to take part in different sports all year round as rain will not prevent them from playing. During secondary school, students begin to fall in love with certain sports, which is why having a large playground will allow every student space to run and get involved in different activities/ sports.

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