Pets Vs. Lawn

Keeping your lawn in perfect condition is hard, but when you have pets, maintaining a perfect lawn becomes almost impossible. Current pet owners understand the daily struggle, especially if you have dogs that have not been trained yet!

Artificial grass is pet friendly and stays green all year round with little maintenance needed. Your pets will hardly notice the difference as looks and texture are similar, the only difference is that now you have a lawn you can be proud of!

The majority of pet owners do not think twice about switching to artificial grass, as the positives can not be ignored! Plus, when you have guests around, you no longer have to dread getting out the lawnmower and trying your hardest to hide the dead patches as your grass will look brand new.

Everybody has a different preference on what a perfect lawn looks like; feel free to look through our gallery and see what designs stand out for you.

If you no longer want to worry about mud been trailed through your house, patchy and dead grass, call Nomow today!

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