#NomowPlay Role Play and Imaginative Games

One thing children have in common is their vivid imagination!

When break time comes around children are expected to run outside and play with their friends however, with technology taking over, children are more inclined to go on Facebook or text their friends than play in the fresh air.

At Nomow we understand that imaginative play is crucial for children’s development, which is why we are sharing our ideas of imaginative ways to get them playing outside.

Play Pirates

By surrounding the “pirate ship” with blue artificial grass, it creates the illusion that they are surrounded by water! They can create games such as trying to board the ship without the pirates seeing them, or create stepping-stones to board the ship without touching the water. This will not only help their physical development but help to improve areas such as balance, social skills and communication.

Tip: Place telescopes and binoculars inside the pirate ship, to allow the children on board to see further into the distance!

















Play Princess

Children love playing princesses! When a child falls in love with a Disney princess character, they suddenly become them overnight. They have costumes, sing the same songs and have Disney themed bedrooms. However, not many children have a princess’s castle outside! Fuel their imagination, and allow their dreams to become reality.

Tip: Surround the castle with artificial grass, so the children have a soft landing when they go down the castle slide.









Play Cars

By placing an artificial road through the playground, it allows children to learn about road safety, as well as letting children who are fanatic about cars drive them on a road! Children often don’t understand the danger, which is why learning the rules about crossing the road is key. The children can learn the rules in a safe setting, while the children driving the cars are able to feel grown up and independent.

Tip: Place miniature traffic lights along the road and have a lollipop lady for added realism!









Not only will these activities keep children entertained for hours on end, but you can also help them develop their imagination.

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