#NomowPlay Plant a Seed

Technology is a lot different today than when we were younger! More and more children are preferring to sit inside playing on mobile phones and iPad’s than go outside, explore and be creative.

Over the last few weeks, Nomow has been campaigning to change this pattern and bringing you ideas to get kids learning and playing outside with our #NomowPlay campaign.

This week, we’re exploring how you can fuel children’s learning by planting a seed and growing their own plants and vegetables.

For schools…

Each pupil will be given their own patch of soil, and their responsibility will be to plant seeds and create their own miniature garden. Whether they choose to grow a flower garden or a vegetable garden, the choice is all theirs!

A miniature garden for pupils will not only help expand their knowledge of biology, but also encourages responsibility and creativity. The pupils will be able to compare their gardens with each other, and have competitions on whose garden grows the fastest, and whose garden looks the best! They will learn about photosynthesis and the wonders of the environment, without feeling like they are in a lesson.

The miniature gardens can be placed in a greenhouse, in a school shed or even an empty area outside.

For gardens…

By placing a miniature garden for your children in the garden, it will not only encourage them to play in the fresh air, but it will also help them gain responsibility while helping you in the garden! It becomes a bonding session and a fun activity that families can do together. It is hard to draw children away from video games and their phones, but with this fun activity, they will be the ones asking you to play!

Why not surround vegetable and flower gardens with Nomow artificial grass to ensure insects and other pests are kept at bay! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.