#NomowPlay – Outside Winter Weather Activities

Instead of keeping children inside a stuffy room throughout winter, get them outside in the fresh air playing fun and educational games!

Need some inspiration? Read on…

Relay Snowball Race

Instead of hoping for it to snow, create your own snowballs by crumbling up pieces of paper.

The aim of the game is to see how many snowballs you can get into a hula-hoop or bucket. A great idea is to create a relay race and only allow each team to move forward once they have placed a certain amount of snowballs in the hula-hoop or bucket.

You can make the game harder by stating they need to place 2X4 snowballs in the hula hoop and 6+2 snowballs in the bucket.

Musical Statues

Musical statues is a game the majority of children will be familiar with, which means it is easy to explain and a great warm-up before taking part in other activities! You are in charge of the music, and when a song is played, everybody dances. When the music stops, everybody has to stay still.

Note – Use Christmas songs to get everybody in the holiday spirit!

Hot Snowball

If it is snowing, then make sure all children are wearing gloves and create one snowball. When they are all stood in a circle, you can turn on the music and allow them to throw the snowball at each other. Once the music stops, the person holding the snowball is out. If it is not snowing, use a white balloon or a softball. If music is unavailable, wait until somebody drops the snowball to be ‘out.’ However, make sure everybody throws fairly to avoid disagreements.

Artificial grass allows you to play outside 365 days a year. There’s no mud, no mess and no danger, which is why we recommend performing the activities above on a safe surface such as artificial grass.

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