#NomowPlay – Halloween Inspired School Games

Halloween is a holiday all children love. They look forward to dressing up in a costume, trick-or-treating and collecting as many chocolate/ sweets as they can!

In order to get involved in the spirit of the holiday, now is the perfect time to create Halloween themed school games.

If you are struggling with ideas, have a look through some of Nomow’s favourite games…

Skeleton Relay Race

Use cardboard to draw out different parts of a skeleton and then cut out each bone. You can assign each child to draw a bone, or you can create the artwork. Once you have created a number of skeletons, your class will be ready to take part in the Skeleton Relay Race!

Divide your class into teams and place a blank board at one end of the playground and make each student line up on the other end. Depending on the size of your class, you will have around four teams. Each member of the team will be given a piece of the skeleton and it is their job to run to one end of the playground, place the bone on the board and then run back and tag the next person in their team.

The team which assembles their skeleton first wins!

Halloween Themed Bingo

If you are struggling for time, but still want to implement a Halloween inspired school game into the lesson, then Bingo is the perfect quick game to kill a few minutes at the end of class. Create Halloween Bingo cards and hand one to each pupil. Instead of numbers, use ghosts, witches, bats, sweets, pumpkins etc. All you need is a hat that contains each item you used on the bingo cards. The first child to get a full row wins!

Imagination Run Wild

Ask each pupil to write a story or a poem about Halloween. They can write about their favourite Halloween costume, why they like Halloween or allow them to create their very own spooky story! This can be homework or completed in the classroom. On Halloween, allow each child to read their poem/ short story out loud. The child with the most entertaining, well written and creative piece wins a prize!

We hope you all have a great Halloween and remember to tweet us your favourite Halloween inspired school games – @NomowLtd1.