#NomowPlay – Christmas Games

Christmas is a time that children look forward to all year. They are filled with joy and excitement, which might mean they lack focus in your class. To keep lessons interesting but still relevant to the subject you teach, Nomow has put together a few Christmas games for you to implement in your class.

English Class

This activity can be completed in pairs or groups depending on the size of the class. Give each group a pen and paper with the alphabet written vertically down the side of the page. Ask each team to come up with a festive word for each letter that relates to Christmas E.g. Angel, Bauble, Christmas Tree etc. Some words may seem a bit out there, but this adds to the fun!

Art Class

Ask all students to find a partner and sit back to back. Give one of the children a Christmas object and the other a pencil and paper. The child with the object has to describe what they see to their partner. The child who is listening to the description will then attempt to draw the object. The quality of the picture will all depend on how well the object was described. However, their imagination and listening skills will be key in making this activity successful!

All Classes

The aim of the game is to pin the nose on Rudolph. Each child has to turn three times and attempt to put the nose in the right place! You can play this game at the end of class (as a reward for their hard work) over the next few days/weeks until each child has had their go. This will aid in helping each child focus on the subject taught while making them look forward to attending each lesson!

If you are looking to create a winter-themed classroom and truly get in the Christmas spirit, get in touch with Nomow and create a snow-themed floor with white artificial grass. The surface not only adds character to a room but the durable grass can be kept and reused yearly!