#NomowPlay – Back to School Activities

The summer holiday may have gone in a blink of an eye, but with the new school year comes new faces eager to learn. Why not make your lesson fun and memorable for the students by following these back to school activities?

Not only will these lessons inspire your new students, but you will also be able to witness their strengths, skills and how they work together.

Learning styles

Find out whether your students learn best by being stationary in the classroom or being active outside. On the first day of class, allow each student to introduce themselves and tell an interesting fact about themselves. You will be able to see how each child follows instructions and their confidence levels, which will prepare you if you take the students outside to learn!

Throughout the year, you can teach inside and outside the classroom. After the lesson finishes, assign them homework or a quiz relating to the lesson taught. The test results will allow you to see which students focus more inside or outside the classroom.

All lessons

The majority of children will be familiar with a word search which makes this game easy to explain! Make each student create a word search relating to the subject you are teaching and allow them to choose 10 words to place in the puzzle. When completed, allow the students to switch their word search with a partner and complete the puzzle. This will add fun to the lesson while allowing students to learn new words relating to the subject you are teaching.

An ABC book is a great activity that will get the whole class working together and individually. Assign each student a letter in the alphabet and allow the student to choose a word (relating to the subject you are teaching) for the letter they were assigned. For younger children, you can assign animals and get each child to draw and give an interesting fact for the animal they choose. In the end, you will have created an ABC book you can keep in the classroom.

All these activities can be conducted inside or outside, depending on the weather! The fresh air and outdoor surroundings bring out the creative side of children. However, we recommend that all activities take place on artificial grass to avoid the children returning to the classroom muddy!