Our Gardening Blog for Beginners

Check out our new  Gardening Blog for all you first-timers, it will take you through the basic steps of garden life for all you need to know!

The blog provides some great info for people who dream of that perfect garden. Get that perfect lawn with Nomow Artificial Grass along with the picturesque beds with beautiful flowers and hanging baskets.

Try your hand at vegetable growing both winter and summer for healthy budget living, organic food at its cheapest! You can also prepare yourself for the good times and the bad with both pre-holiday and winter garden preparation to ensure your plants make it through!

There is even a step by step guide for laying Nomow which is also available from our Media centre! It is so easy and simple to do, for a fuss-free lawn. Our most popular blog Compost will get your plants growing like they have never grown before and it’s completely free and simple to make! Just follow our easy to use guide!

Every garden has its problems so learn how to avoid and treat them with the garden problems blog.

These blogs will have your garden looking a million dollars in no time! So don’t waste any more time and get out there today! Follow the links below for each Volume. You can also email us your areas of interest with problems for our new questions and answers page!

Vol 1: Watering

Vol 2: Compost

Vol 3: Weeds & Weeding

Vol 4: Nomow Grass

Vol 5: Pre Holiday Plant Prep

Vol 6: Vegetable Growing

Vol 7: Hanging Baskets

Vol 8: Garden Set Backs

Vol 9: Winter Vegetables

There are some great tips and tricks on there and even a little about our grass!

Leave a comment and let us know what else you would like to know about!