Living in Luxury

Generally speaking, lawns fall into two categories:

  • Utility – for heavy usage, the average family garden
  • Luxury – where a lawn is kept purely for its aesthetic appeal

Achieving a neat and compact natural lawn that retains a luxury appearance all year round can be nothing short of impossible.

Maintaining a luxury lawn relies on the use of high quality, professional equipment and work almost on a daily basis – this requires time and expense that most of us simply don’t have. We also have the unpredictable British weather to contend with – changeable conditions in the UK either leave our lawns drowning in rainwater or parched from lack of it – far from the ‘bowling green’ appearance of a luxury lawn.

For those who simply don’t have the time or means to maintain a natural luxury lawn, Nomow has two stunning options:

New Luxury

One of our most recent product ranges ‘New Luxury’ uses the very latest technology to retain its freshly mown look all year round.

The soft memory yarns resist crushing and the combination of bright greens gives it a natural and pleasing appearance.

New Luxury is best suited to customers who take their lawn seriously! If your garden is your pride and joy, but you don’t have as much time or money to spend on it as you’d like then New Luxury could be the perfect solution. This range is ideal for anyone who loves dining, entertaining and relaxing in a lush green luxury garden. Show off the very latest in new artificial grass technology with Nomow New Luxury.

Luxury Plus

Top of the range ‘Luxury Plus’ is Nomow’s Gold Standard artificial grass.

Giving a lush, well-fed appearance all year round, Luxury Plus stays beautiful in all weathers and asks for very little in return.

The long four-colour pile exudes a deep, soft spring-like appearance while the super-soft feel will mean you have a lush green area to sit, sunbathe and play on when summer comes back around

Achieving your dream garden is so simple when you stop battling with natural turf and replace it with one of Nomow’s luxury ranges.

For more information on New Luxury, Luxury Plus or any of Nomow’s other artificial grass ranges, simply get in touch and we’ll get right back to you!