How Do You Keep Grass Green Without Water?

On June 1, 2015, a mandatory water restriction took place across California. This meant that anybody using more water than allowed, could be fined up to $500 (approx. £334) a day. This ultimately meant that anyone who wanted to keep their grass green in the hot temperatures, and ensure their plants grew, would be fined a substantial amount of money.

The question is raised, ‘how do you keep your grass green without using water?’

The answer is easy; artificial grass!

ABC stated, “The State Water Resources Control Board in Sacramento is expecting to see some immediate savings as they encourage residents to let their lawns die.”

As so many people pride themselves on their garden, watching their grass dry out and ‘die’ would be very hard to come to terms with!

Imagine having a visually unappealing brown lawn, and your neighbour has a perfect green artificial lawn. It’s no wonder that artificial grass has become a necessity to so many households over the last few months.

The Guardian stated, “Live grass guzzles some 2,200 litres per square metre annually.” This is a lot of water used throughout the year in order to maintain a perfect lawn. Since the drought started four years ago, the people in California are more wary of the usage of water, but why turn to artificial grass?

Artificial grass is not only low maintenance, it doesn’t need any water to keep its lush and green appearance. Therefore, instead of having dead, brown or patchy grass, or turning your garden into a concrete walkway, you can opt for this visually attractive solution.

Whether you are looking to impress your neighbour, contribute to the environment or lower your maintenance fees within a business, give Nomow a call today to learn more about the benefits of artificial grass.