Grass on a Budget

There are a number of occasions where only superior quality artificial grass will do, but did you know there are a number of uses for artificial grass other than for lawns and gardens?

Artificial grass is now providing a durable and cost-effective way to cover large and small areas for display and decoration.

Within an average indoor setting, it can be hard to create a perfect blend of natural and practical surroundings.

Whether you’re displaying merchandise, laying a shop floor or creating a display for an exhibition, artificial grass can add a unique and natural twist to an otherwise uninspiring area.

For anyone looking to add a fresh and vibrant look to any area on a budget, Nomow has a great solution:


Nomow range Amenity was specifically designed with low-use areas in mind.

Perfect for anyone who loves a bargain, Amenity budget grass provides exceptional value for money whilst giving off a neat, green, dense appearance.

Amenity is great for those who love the look of artificial grass indoors and out. Whether it’s in a cricket pavilion, shed, greenhouse or flooring for an event -Amenity provides a low-cost solution to complete any area.


  • Best for: General amenity, go-anywhere grass carpet
  • Pile height: 8mm
  • Roll width: 2 metres, 4 metres
  • UV Stabilised: Yes
  • Pet safe: No
  • Good for children: No
  • Colour: Single green curly pile
  • Look and feel: Neat & practical

The shorter pile length of Amenity means that maintenance is minimal, keeping a neat appearance all year round.

Achieving a natural, aesthetically pleasing environment on a budget is so simple when you stop battling with display materials and replace them with Nomow Amenity.

For more information on Amenity or any other Nomow artificial grass ranges, simply get in touch and we’ll get right back to you.