Create a Festive Scene with Artificial Grass

December is here, which means Christmas is around the corner! In order to make this month magical, special and memorable, why not try some of these festive decoration ideas?

Winter Playroom

Whether it’s the numerous amount of presents they receive, the few weeks break off school or spending time with their family, there is no doubt that children love Christmas! This holiday can be made more festive for children if they have their very own winter-themed playroom. A quick and easy way to create a winter playroom is to cover the floor with white artificial grass. This will not only give the illusion that snow is on the ground, but the soft and durable surface is easy to clean and soft to land on!

Christmas Dinner Table

If you are hosting a party this Christmas, go the extra mile and decorate the dinner table with artificial grass. You can use white artificial grass to cover the whole table, make placemats or add a table runner. This will add character, create a Christmas feel and make this dinner party one to remember!

Christmas Tree Mat

After decorating your tree, placing Christmas decorations around your home and putting up all your Christmas cards, why not add a snow theme to your front room? Using white artificial grass as a Christmas mat for the tree to sit on will give a winter feel to the room and with the grass being durable, it will be able to withstand the weight of the tree and all the presents you place on it!

Also, if you have a real Christmas tree, the mat will be able to catch any fallen needles – this not only saves you time cleaning up, but when Christmas is over, all you have to do is shake the mat over the bin and roll it up so you can use it again next year!

Let your imagination run wild this Christmas and use these ideas as inspiration! Have fun decorating your home and if you have any questions, get in touch!