Bonfire Night and Artificial Grass

Bonfire night is nearly here, which means a night of fireworks, bonfires and sparklers! November 5th is a time where friends and family get together to celebrate Guy Fawkes failure to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Since 1605, Bonfire Night continues to be a celebration and the tradition will continue for years to come.

In order to make sure you celebrate the night safely, here’s what you should know about artificial grass.

  • Do not light fireworks or create a bonfire on your artificial grass. The fibres in the grass will melt and not grow back, so in order to prolong the life of your lawn, avoid hosting Bonfire Night at your home.
  • This also applies to Barbecues. If you do want to use your BBQ, place it on the patio away from artificial grass.
  • Do not hold naked flames near your artificial grass. If you want to enjoy sparklers this Bonfire Night, ensure that you have a large distance between yourself and the artificial grass.
  • Artificial grass has many benefits, which is why it has become extremely popular and a necessity to many households; however, instead of hosting Bonfire Night at your home, visit the local firework display! This allows you to enjoy the magical night, without spending lots of money and being stressed; plus, your lawn will stay looking perfect!

If you have already committed to hosting a Bonfire Night party, then you can still celebrate November 5th without the dangers of gunpowder. With the right atmosphere, great food and drinks, you will create a night to remember!

If you have any questions regarding your Nomow artificial lawn this Bonfire Night, put your mind at ease and give us a call!