Artificial Grass is a Must Have for Events

Artificial grass is not only perfect for your garden, but it is also widely known for being used at events.

Have you ever wondered why more and more exhibitions and events are using artificial grass to direct people to their display?

If you are hosting an event, or you are curious as to the benefits of using artificial grass at events, then read on…


First of all artificial grass looks clean and tidy, which will attract attention to your display; however, if you want to add character, then check out our Rainbow Range! Using different colours and styles will catch peoples eye and they are more likely to stop and look at your products, rather than racing past. By using artificial grass, you have created something unique to place your products on, resulting in your exhibition/event been something that people will not forget.


Hundreds of people are able to walk over the artificial grass, and it will still stay in prime condition. Artificial grass is designed to last many years while staying resilient to any wear and tear. You are able to reuse the artificial grass and you can place it indoors and outdoors, this in the long run becomes a great financial investment.


If your products are to be used outdoors, then customers are able to see how your product sits on grass. Also, if you are hosting an event outside, bugs and insects are less likely to be attracted to artificial grass, which is a huge advantage as people will feel more relaxed and are able to enjoy the experience more.

If you are interested in making your products stand out and be remembered at exhibitions, feel free to get in touch!  You are also able to request a sample so you are able to see and feel the high quality of the artificial grass for yourself!