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Young Homeowners Catch Gardening Bug

A study by Lloyds Bank Insurance has revealed that in the last year, young people spent more than double the UK average on their gardens.

Of the 2,000 young homeowners surveyed, a third stated that they spend money on their gardens simply because they love gardening, while 24% identified their love of outdoor entertaining as the reason behind their expenditure.

Lloyds Bank Insurance’s ‘Britain at Home’ report revealed that the average 25-34 year old now spends around £747 on their outdoor spaces; almost double the UK average of £366.

The Great British passion for gardening is traditionally a domain reserved for the retired and middle aged, but these new findings have confirmed that modern 20-something’s love pottering round their gardens just as much as their parents.

Experts have suggested that living ‘the good life’ has become more fashionable than ever, with baking, cooking and gardening all dominating a new wave of popular culture.

26 year old horticulturalist and presenter of ITV’s Love Your garden Frances Tophill said: ‘Recently we’ve witnessed a real throwback to ‘homeliness’,

‘It’s interesting that this trend is growing against the rise of technology and in a post-recessionary climate – there is a sense of holding on to traditional pastimes in an increasingly fast-paced, modern society.’

Tophill said: ‘With the current waiting list to snag an allotment longer than that of any new restaurant, there is no doubt that gardening is growing in popularity among a younger generation and people are enjoying spending more time outside.’

This years Chelsea Flower Show has seen more young designers than ever with the likes of Hugo Bugg (27) scooping a gold medal for his Waterscape Garden, and Harry Rich (26) and his brother David (23) who won a silver gilt medal for their garden, The Night Sky, which made David the youngest gardener to have ever been given a show garden at Chelsea.

For many young homeowners and new families, artificial grass can make perfect sense. The flexibility and low maintenance of Nomow turf means that you can keep your garden looking glorious without the hard work that comes with the upkeep of a lawn.

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