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Cure World Cup Blues with Artificial Grass

While it’s not been a great summer for the England team, there’s no doubting that the World Cup has inspired garden footballers all over the country. But how can you ensure a level playing field?

With 3G (third-generation) artificial pitches being permitted in FA Cup games from next year, it seems that attitudes are changing towards artificial grass in football. In fact, half of the pitches prepared for the World Cup in Brazil this summer opted for the “reinforced” pitch technique rather than relying on the unpredictable nature of natural turf.

While a full 3G pitch similar to those in Brazil would set you back around £500,000, a cost effective artificial grass lawn could give you similar benefits for a fraction of the price. It’s unsurprising that football players and gardeners alike have installed artificial grass pitches in their back garden.

Earlier this year Nottingham Forest striker Marcus Tudgay revealed that he had made the decision to install an artificial grass lawn so he could enjoy playing football in the garden with his seven-year-old son. He told the Nottingham Post:

“I call it the Little Man’s Wembley,” “because he and I are out there practising on it every evening – hopefully one day he’ll be as good as me.”

The 31 year old made the decision after realising that his natural lawn and the family’s new puppy were not the best combination.

“The dog was always out there digging holes in the garden and then coming and treading mud everywhere in the house,” “but obviously that’s no longer a problem as the new lawn has no mud, so it’s a lot cleaner.

“Not only that, I don’t need to spend time cutting the grass anymore. I used to have a posh lawn mower, and I enjoyed using it, but I won’t be going back as the new lawn is so much easier.”

Marcus was so pleased with the results that he revealed that he had recommended it to his fellow teammates.

“A couple of the lads at Nottingham Forest have asked me about it and I recommended they get one themselves, and I’ve even suggested it to a few players from other clubs!”

These types of surfaces offer maximum comfort under foot, exceptional ball bounce, and are filled with sand for enhanced durability.

Nomow has over 20 years experience in designing, developing and installing all weather pitches for major sporting establishments, local sports clubs and school facilities.

To maintain the playing performance over a longer period of time we recommend the use of SafeRange which absorbs impact, and is compatible with the full range of Nomow’s durable, natural looking artificial grass. The composite layering construction provides this choice of artificial grasses at a range of Critical Fall Heights from 1 metre to 3 metres and has been tested to European Standard EN 1177:2008.

For more information, take a look at Nomow’s range of All Weather turf, or get in touch with a friendly member of our team today!