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Water Bills Set to Rise by 8% Next Year

Thames water has recently warned its 14 million customers to cut their usage or face soaring utility bills.

The company requested to increase prices by 8% next year adding an average of £29 onto the annual household bill. The utility group is claiming that the costs associated with building the planned “super sewer” under the Thames will mean it needs more money and therefore has to raise prices.

Hard-pressed families are already feeling the pinch with energy companies driving up prices leaving many people struggling to afford heat for their home, and Thames announcement is just another blow.

A hosepipe can use enough water to fill two 10-litre watering cans every minute. A hosepipe uses around 10 litres of water per minute, and a garden sprinkler around 15 litres. In fact, in just one hour, a sprinkler can get through almost as much water as the average person would use in a week.

It’s no secret that natural grass gardens are dependent on regular watering and with the prospect of a major price hike, the cost of maintaining them is a headache many of us could do without.

There’s no doubt that the need to cut down on water is pressing, so take control of your garden and your water usage by switching to an artificial lawn. Using water in the garden can account for around 7% of your entire household bill so when it comes to cutting costs there really is no contest. Artificial grass needs no water at all to stay looking fresh and green all year round, and in addition can save you money on pesticides, weed killers and valuable time spent mowing.

Prices are set to rise from April 2014 so don’t waste any time and make sure you’re one step ahead with no fuss, no maintenance, no mow grass.