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Verging on Genius – Artificial Grass for Shopping Parks

For a quick, easy and aesthetically pleasing lawn area in retail parks and car parks, install artificial grass.

The synthetic alternative has been installed in built up, industrial areas in order to make them look more attractive, whilst saving money on maintenance costs.

Mostyn Champneys Retail Park in Llandudno led the way by installing artificial turf around their car park earlier in autumn this year.

Commercial property expert, and Mostyn Champneys car park manager Savills stated that they took the decision to lay the turf in order to ‘preserve greenery throughout the year’

A spokesperson went on to say that around 60% of Britain’s retail parks use artificial turf because it saves money, stays green and prevents muddy footprints in store.

Conwy County Cllr Phil Evans said: “It’s quite a novel way of getting over the problem of mud. And it does look tidy. It has a nice appearance. You have to look carefully to see it is not real. It shows that they do take an interest in how the retail park looks in the rainy months.”

Fellow Tudno ward Cllr Ronnie Hughes also welcomed the “tidy” fake turf.

Ever changing weather and heavy footfall can make it hard for natural grass to grow in and around retail parks, and upkeep costs can be greatly reduced by installing artificial grass. More and more sites are utilising the evergreen appearance of synthetic turf to enhance borders and walkways so why not do the same for your business?

Savings on maintenance alone makes artificial grass a practical option for any company.