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The London Anniversary Games

The past weekend has seen London play host to another show of world-class athletics as the capital presented the Anniversary Games – commemorating a year since London 2012.

The Anniversary Games started on Friday, spanning 3 days of athletics, with many of last years heroes including Usain Bolt, Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis-Hill returning to the Olympic Stadium to take part, marking the end of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Believe it or not, it’s been a year since we all gathered to watch Danny Boyle’s mesmerising opening ceremony that kicked off the 60-day multi-sport event. We were glued to our television screens as Great Britain dominated the medals table, with athletes such as Bradley Wiggins, Victoria Pendleton, Andy Murray, and Chris Hoy collecting the gold which led Britain to finish third overall. We watched the world descend on London as we came together to ‘inspire a generation’ uniting in a summer of sport, hope and glory – and who can forget the Queen jumping out of a helicopter alongside James Bond?

Not only did the games showcase great talent and sportsmanship, but it was also the platform for NoMow to represent the North West and highlight the unbeatable quality of their work.
NoMow stepped in after a long spell of dry weather threatened the prospect of great looking turf in the Olympic site. Despite meticulous planning, Olympic organisers decided at the last minute that the hospitality area would benefit from a pristine looking grass cover, and NoMow were quick to come to the rescue. The benefits of Nomow’s environmental credentials, realistic qualities, and the speed and skill they lay their artificial grass soon became apparent and the decision was made.

Nomow’s managing director Michael Tittershill stated that we were “honoured and delighted” to step in to help out the Olympic site, and the Anniversary Games is a great reminder of NoMows work at the biggest event in the world.