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Take a Staycation, not Vacation!

In 2017, the UK has seen a rise in the number of people choosing to stay in this country for their summer holidays by visiting holiday parks and popular seaside destinations around the UK.

In this competitive market, you want to make sure your holiday homes stand out from the crowd. Artificial Grass is a great addition for holiday homes – mainly due to the low maintenance so you don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn when you’re not there. Our full range of grasses can give you a variety of different looks; the just mown lawn look or a luscious dense appearance depending on your personal preference. The Artificial Grass will provide a bright, healthy looking lawn all year round with no risk of mud or mess – making for very happy sunbathers.

Not only is Artificial Grass a great option for holiday homes, but can also be handy for caravans and motorhomes. Nomow has small Artificial Grass rolls that can be taken with you on your jollies to give an area for you to sunbathe or for your kids to play on whatever the weather may be doing.

Check out our Summer competition to be in with a chance of winning a 2m x 4m roll of Artificial Grass.

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