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Nomow Puts Forward Plans to Help Local Start-up Companies

A plan to build four new commercial properties has been put forward for the grounds here at Nomow HQ. The spaces would be aimed at new start-up businesses in the local area who are looking to move into office spaces. Michael Tittershill, Director at Nomow, has put forward the exciting plans to High Peak Borough Council. Michael […]

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Artificial Grass in Garden Construction

Artificial grass offers loads of benefits for gardens, sports pitches, golf courses and playgrounds The construction industry has been shouting about the benefits of artificial grass for a long time, with landscapers, builders and architects all using turf in garden projects to ensure that lawns remain lush, green and in perfect condition. But what is […]

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Green Spaces are Key to Cities Success

At Nomow we regularly work with architects to assist with many aspects of design, landscaping and ground works and we understand the importance of green spaces in urban development. A new study carried out by researchers at the University of Exeter has confirmed the importance of green spaces in cities. Working with Hokkaido University in […]

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Plans Revealed for Urban Park to be Built on Highway

Tel Aviv’s local committee for Planning and Building has just given the thumbs up for a great, green park to built on top of one of the city’s busiest highways. The 60-acre ‘urban oasis’ is scheduled to built above the jam-packed Ayalon Highway, giving a section of the heavily travelled roads a brand new, grassy […]

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Green Spaces Improve Schoolchildren’s Mental Development

A new study has revealed that children in urban schools could benefit from green spaces in and around their school. The research, which was carried out on school children aged between 7 and 10 in Barcelona, Spain, suggested that exposure to green space boosted short-term memory (improved by 23%) and reduced inattentiveness in class (by […]

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