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Safety Surfaces

When every metre matters. We have safe play designed in with the unique Nomow G3 SafeRange.“We won’t make a great impact on your children.”

Simple Steps to Safety
Nomow G3 SafeRange is an impact absorbing, exterior safety flooring system using a range of durable, natural looking artificial grasses. The composite layering construction provides this choice of artificial grasses at a range of Critical Fall Heights from 1 metre to 3 metres. Compatible with the full range of Nomow Artificial Grass, G3 can be installed under any of our products so will not effect the look of your project- but it will improve your peace of mind!  

Nomow G3 SafeRange System uses the latest polymer technology and is developed in laboratory conditions. The system has patent applied for. Each option has been tested to European Standard EN 1177:2008 Impact absorbing playground surfacing. Standards testing was conducted in an independent, accredited testing facility. Nomow G3 SafeRange is a multiple composite of artificial grass installed over a unique multi layered laminate of cross linked, closed cell polymer foam which both spreads the impact and absorbs the shock.

  • School play areas
  • Public play areas
  • Adventure parks