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NoMow For Pets

Dog on Grass

Artificial grass for your pets

If you have pets, NoMow makes a great choice for your garden. A NoMow lawn copes with beautifully with everything your pet can throw at it and stays green and clean year after year.

Natural grass is a no no
Pets and natural grass are a messy combination. Dogs dig up lawns and trample mud through the house on dirty paws. Bitches stain and discolour grass. Dog mess is tricky to clean up without doing damage to your lawn. Your natural grass doesn’t stand a chance.

No more mess
With NoMow artificial grass, it’s a very different story. Even the biggest, most boisterous dog won’t damage a durable NoMow lawn.

No more digging
Your dog can’t dig up your NoMow lawn. It can’t mark it either. There are no dog stains or smells. Pet urine simply drains through. Dog mess is quick and easy to clean up without spoiling your lawn.

Your house is cleaner too. Your pets can run around outside in all weathers and come back into the house with clean feet.

Safe fun for everyone
NoMow is safer for everyone including your pets. There are no lawn fertilisers and weedkillers to worry about. This safe surface suits the whole family.

With NoMow, you’re happy and so is your pet!