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Standing Tall – 50mm Artificial Grass

One of our most popular products is our Empire 45mm artificial grass. People love this grass because of its realism and how exceptional it looks in gardens.

Empire 467

But we’ve worked closely with our manufacturers and been able to produce a stunning 50mm pile height artificial grass called premier 50.

This artificial grass is already very popular. You really have to hold it to truly appreciate just how well it stands out.

One of the difficulties we face producing such an artificial grass. Is that when the blades reach this length they start to lose the ability to stand up straight. They become too tall and start to flop over. So Premier 50 is supported by an extra tall and extra thick thatch, within the grass. The blades themselves are also extra dense and each individual blade has a ‘spine’ which helps prevent it from bending.

Premier 50 50mm side

All of this means that not only is premier 50 super tall, but it also has the unintended consequence of being one of the softest and plushest grasses we’ve ever sold.

Try it for yourself! We have free samples available here.