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Our Calisto doormat is a superb addition to your home. This doormat is made out of the same material as our commercial range of artificial grasses and therefore it looks and feels just like real grass. This is our medium range doormat and it is great value for money and is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an innovative and unique doormat at a great price.

All Nomow doormats are an impressive 75 cm x 50cm. As the doormats are made from our commercial range of artificial grasses, sometimes they may vary slightly from one another.

Calisto doormats include a thatch within the normal blades of grass. The purpose of this thatch is to emulate real grass. After real grass has just been mowed, it will often include smaller blades of dead grass. Without this thatch artificial grass doesn’t look very realistic. In addition, the layer of thatch within the grass adds a softer plush feel.

Add the wow factor to your building entrance with an artificial grass doormat that will look like real grass all year round. Artificial grass doesn’t require any sunlight or watering and so it can therefore be placed inside your home.

Easy to clean – the Calisto doormat is very easy to clean as it is completely waterproof and fully porous. This means that all you have to do is hold it up outside and wash it through. Then just let it dry and put it back at your door entrance.

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Weight 1 kg
Good For Children


UV Stabilised


Easy to Clean



75 cm x 50 cm

Doormat Type

Callisto 30mm (£15.84), Callisto 35mm (£17.83), Callisto 40 mm (£19.89)