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Shocking News – Shockpad boards now available

We have recently made our Shockpad Underlay and Shockpad Boards available to purchase from our online store. To accompany this we have also made our Shockpad Board Joining Tape available as an accessory.

Nomow Shock Pad Underlay Safety Surface

The Shockpad Underlay is a 10mm shock absorbing membrane that is recommended for any installation on concrete or tarmac. The Underlay will soften up the flooring and add an extra cushioning layer to the surface.

The Shockpad Underlay can help to protect against injury from a trip or a fall but it’s primary purpose is to improve the texture and feel of an artificial grass installation. If you’re looking for Critical Fall Height protection then our Shockpad Boards will need to be installed under the artificial grass.

We have four different sizes of Shockpad Boards 30mm, 40mm, 60mm and 70mm. Each is suitable to protect against a fall from different height levels.

  • 30mm Board – Critical Fall Height 1 metre – £48.88
  • 40mm Board – Critical Fall Height 1.7 metres – £65.96
  • 60mm Board – Critical Fall Height 2.2 metres – £88.71
  • 70mm Board – Critical Fall Height 3 metres – £100.17

Each board is 2m x 1.4m which is 2.8m2. So to work out how many you need to divide the total square meterage by 2.8. You will be able to cut the boards into any shape. 

Shockpad boards