The Game

Paddle Tennis is a variation on Tennis. It is played on a court that is 25% smaller than a tennis court and can be played in singles or doubles.

Rules and scoring system are similar to tennis, but with some important differences. The main difference is that players can use the walls to bounce the balls against. Players can even run outside the court to hit the ball back. Serves are also only under-arm.

The result, of an enclosed court, slower serves and a high likelihood of hitting the ball back, make the game less stop-start in nature, with longer-lasting rallies. This means the game is more inclusive for players with different abilities and increases the total amount of fun and exercise.

  • Longer lasting rallies
  • More suited for players of all abilities
  • Usually played as doubles but also as singles
  • Small court size
  • Prioritises skill and agility
Paddle Tennis Court

Surface – 12mm Active Play

  • Sand In-fill
  • Perfect Ball Bounce
  • Comfortable running surface
  • Durable
  • Multiple colour variations
  • Non-abrasive surface
  • Indoors or outdoors
activity play

Free Padel Rackets

As Paddle Tennis is a relatively new sport, we know that not everyone will have the specially designed rackets. That’s why we offer free Padel Rackets with every Paddle Tennis court supplied by Nomow.

Don’t forget to ask for yours!

Mask Group 35@2x


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