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Replacing a Sports Pitch After a Busy Summer

Summer has arrived and with it comes a season of sports!

While the appearance of the sun might be unpredictable, you can be certain that after a summer of heavy usage your natural grass sports pitch will be left looking a little worse for wear or even unsuitable for future use.

If you are already seeing signs of wear, it might be time to start thinking about how you can improve your sports surface when the summer is over.

At Nomow we’re always shouting about how great artificial grass is for sports, so it makes sense that players should be able to take full advantage of facilities all year long.

Unlike natural grass, All Weather Sports Pitches protect players from impact falls during sport, with a soft cushioned base that provides comfort and softness. Plus when the wet season comes back around you won’t have to battle with muddy puddles during a game again!

Artificial turf doesn’t need any expensive fertilisers, lawnmowers or equipment to stay looking fresh and green all year round. With the fraction of the maintenance required by natural grass, time can be spent more productively on the sport itself.

Artificial grass from Nomow can last up to 10 years, even being durable enough to withstand the footfall of a sports field without leaving you with unsightly areas of wear and tear.

Nomow artificial grass provides a great surface for teams to play on during the summer and for any other sporting ventures throughout the year.

Our artificial grass has been used for a variety of different sports and if you’re looking to improve sporting capabilities in your facility our turf could prove to be of huge benefit.

To find out more about how Nomow could help your sports pitch then please get in touch today on 0800 587 0380.