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Reduce Injury With SafeRange

Ever since Astroturf was first installed at the Houston Astrodome back in the 1960’s, there has been much controversy about the use of artificial grass playing surfaces. The main issues at the time related to the way that the surface properties affected the risk of injuries occurring on artificial surfaces.

Since then, there is no doubt that the quality of artificial grass has evolved for the better over the years. Here at Nomow we have worked hard to develop the Nomow G3 SafeRange System designed to make our turf safer and more comfortable than any other surface featured on sports pitches and play areas.

SafeRange Benefits

  • Improves peace of mind
  • Reliable playground safety surface – cushions falls
  • Uses latest polymer technology which has been developed in laboratory conditions
  • Tested in an accredited facility
  • Spreads impact and absorbs shock
  • Eliminates hazardous patches of mud
  • Most durable surface available.

The G3 SafeRange absorbs impact, and is compatible with the full range of Nomow’s durable, natural looking artificial grass. The composite layering construction provides this choice of artificial grasses at a range of Critical Fall Heights from 1 metre to 3 metres and has been tested to European Standard EN 1177:2008.

SafeRange is Ideal For:

• Back gardens and residential play surfaces.

• Public parks and playgrounds – superior to a rubber surface

• Childcare facilities – nurseries, playgroups

• Playground safety surfaces at schools, colleges and universities.

Nomow artificial grass not only provides you with a safe and durable safety surface but it also repels insects and unwanted pests and protects you against grass allergies.

Our aim is to prevent accidents and illness by making sure that health and safety considerations are at the heart of everything we do. To make this happen, we encourage everyone who works at Nomow to actively take part in and support this policy.

A Nomow safety surface is extremely durable, yet non-abrasive, promoting longevity far superior to a rubber playground surface with a comfortable playground safety surface.

G3 can be installed under any of our products so will not affect the look of your project- but it will improve your peace of mind!

To find out more about how you can reduce injury rates contact our friendly team.