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Product Focus: Garden Scape 21

Garden Scape 21 is a new idea in the world of artificial grass. This innovative product takes a new angle at creating a realistic and beautiful artificial grass.

One of the difficulties in manufacturing anything on a large scale, is creating seemingly random variations within the manufactured products. Yet, random variations are an excellent way of making artificial grass, even more realistic. 

Natural grass is an excellent surface, where appropriate. High footfall areas, low light areas, playgrounds, areas with busy owners, or areas that will require a lot of landscaping will benefit from artificial grass. But you may not want an ultra uniform look that can come from a manufactured product, and Garden Scape 21 is designed to tackle this very issue. 

During the manufacturing process, the blades of the grass are engineered to shrink at different rates when cooling. this means that their eventual height will always be different. The final result from this is a multi pile heighted artificial grass.

MP Side LR

Looking at the grass in a profile view, you will be able to see subtle differences in height. With the top pile height being 44mm.

These randomised blade heights create an extra element to the grass that distinguishes it from the rest of our range. If you’re looking for a high-quality artificial grass, with a great top pile height and with the added boost of looking nearly indistinguishable from natural grass, then Garden Scape 21 is the choice for you.