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Plans Revealed for Urban Park to be Built on Highway

Tel Aviv’s local committee for Planning and Building has just given the thumbs up for a great, green park to built on top of one of the city’s busiest highways.

The 60-acre ‘urban oasis’ is scheduled to built above the jam-packed Ayalon Highway, giving a section of the heavily travelled roads a brand new, grassy roof.

The aim of the project is to give members of the public additional green space in the centre of Israel’s second most populated city, whilst traffic continues to flow through. The urban park will include a number of features including pedestrian and cycle paths, a sports centre and a number of cafes.

Itai Pinkas, a council member for the city and chairman of the project’s steering committee, said the project marked “an infrastructural, environmental and architectural milestone”

He went on to say the “project that will surely attract both national and international attention,” and that “The infrastructure that is the most densely packed in the Middle East – composed of trains, roads, sewage pipes, drainage, electricity, communications and more – will be transformed in a few years to a green and blossoming island in the heart of the city.”

The “grey to green” transformation will reportedly cost around £338m to build, with work expected to begin in 3-5 year’s time. If the project is a success, it is hoped that the park will become a hub for hiking, cycling, commercial activity and recreation.

Green, open spaces are becomingly increasingly less in urban areas, especially in UK cities where an area seven times the size of London’s Hyde Park is paved over every year.

At Nomow we often work with architects and developers to inject much needed areas of green space into developments where natural grass may not be practical.

Artificial grass can provide a low maintenance, cost effective and attractive solution for any urban area looking to increase its green space.

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