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Planning a Residential Development

In the planning of new residential development, artificial grass has become an increasingly popular investment for architects.

Quick to buy and easy to install, artificial grass acts as a time-efficient solution when working to get projects finished within the desired time frame. Nomow gives any professional more time to spend productively on the project in hand.

When planning a residential development, many architects believe that the garden should reflect the quality of the interior. An artificial grass installation will leave your project looking immaculate from the outside and can even enhance the overall design and feel of your development.

However, when planning and designing a new development, architects not only have to be mindful of the end result. They also need to take many long-term aspects of the project into consideration such as on-going maintenance and durability – these are both issues that a homeowner is likely to consider and artificial grass can provide a great solution. This is a long-term investment which will reassure any homeowner that they will be left with a practical and low-maintenance garden.

Putting the finishing touches on a property with an artificial lawn can also really differentiate you from your competitors. The garden can be one of the biggest selling points of any home and this is especially the case with new build properties. Why risk a brown, patchy or boggy garden when you could display your development with a lush, green artificial grass lawn?

Architects often find the following Nomow ranges are best suited for residential developments:


Nomow is a popular choice for architects and contractors all over the UK, providing a quick and simple solution that ensures any project is completed to the highest possible standard.

Find out why Nomow is the name that architects trust and get in touch with a friendly member of the team to discuss your project further….