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Paved Gardens Increase Risk of Flooding

Research carried out by insurance company LV= has found that over a million homeowners paved over their lawn in 2013.

The results showed that on average, the amount of green space paved over by households was 24.2sq m – almost the same size as two parking spaces. The poll also found the main reason for paving over turf was to create a patio, with others looking to gain a parking space or simply cut down on garden maintenance.

The insurance company warned against covering gardens with impermeable materials such as asphalt, concrete, or brick as they all dramatically increase the risk of garden flooding.

Selwyn Fernandes, managing director of LV= home insurance, said: “Surface water flooding is a growing problem for homeowners, particularly those living in built-up areas where there is less green space.

“By replacing flower beds and grass with materials like concrete and asphalt, water cannot be absorbed by the ground and this leads to surface water flooding.”

Bouts of stormy weather and heavy rainfall are expected to become much more common in the UK, leaving homes with paved gardens even more vulnerable to flooding.

For households who are tired of maintaining natural grass but don’t want to put their garden at risk of flooding, there is another option. Many gardens could benefit greatly from the addition of artificial grass.

When a flood is imminent, the effects become much more manageable when you have artificial turf. If you install a suitable drainage base below the levelling layer before you install artificial grass, the rainwater will be able to run straight through it. Even after long term flooding has drained, simply brush your lawn to remove the debris and the turf will appear as lush and green as you left it.

Installing artificial grass also means that problems such as cutting, watering and maintaining a lawn all become extinct whilst offering the convenience of being able to step out and enjoy your garden 365 days a year come rain, shine or flood!

So there you have it, there is a quick and simple way to cut down garden maintenance, which don’t include paving over your garden!

If you’d like to find out more about how Nomow artificial grass could benefit your garden, simply get in touch today.