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Outdoor Play is Crucial for Children’s Development

It comes as no shock to learn that children are filled with lots of energy and sitting in a classroom all day may affect their development, which is why Learning through Landscapes (LTL) and Early Childhood Forum (ECF) have been working together to bring to light the importance of outdoor play for young children. They conducted a survey which show that outdoor play in the early years of being a child is extremely beneficial in enhancing their physical and mental development.

After conducting this survey, it came to light that many schools do not have enough outdoor space in order to encourage and assist in helping children to learn outdoors. Both the LTL and ECF want to ensure that the Government and Ofsted understand the importance of outdoor play, which is why they want to work together and make this happen. The first step is to offer more staff training relating to outdoor play, and to employ childcare workers who can explain to parents the importance of outdoor play for young children.

The LTL and ECF understand that public health is a growing concern in the UK, and they believe that by enforcing outdoor play, they can help prevent obesity, mental health and myopia in early childhood.

One concern that was stated in the day nurseries article, is that parents and practitioners have doubts due to the health and safety of the children. The weather was also voiced as a concern as bad weather means that children will come home dirty. A solution to this is artificial grass. Artificial grass is softer to land on, and when it does rain, the grass won’t become muddy, boggy and slippery.

Nomow launched the #NomowPlay campaign to highlight games, lessons and activities that get kids playing and learning outdoors. These classes range from PE, to imaginative games and mathematics.

Nomow have created exciting playground designs for over 2,000 schools that enhance creativity as well as physical activity. Have a look at some of the work we have done in our gallery.

If you’re a school or parent looking to get kids playing outside more, call Nomow today to learn more about how artificial grass can help!