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Hungry for Competition – Childhood Obesity

Hungry for Competition- Childhood Obesity

As the child obesity epidemic continues and headlines hit newspapers we ask ourselves are we really doing enough?

Nomow has teamed up with play equipment companies all around the UK to try help tackle the problem that is fast taking over our nation! Creating exciting learning activity environments for kids at such a young age will help establish a good relationship with exercise and sport, giving a helping hand to the future.

Childhood 0besity is a wide spread problem, it can cause various health implications from a young age and for the future. It is important that as parents and adults we are able to help prevent this! Getting kids active these days can be a challenge, especially with so much technology around and  busy work schedules it can be difficult to get your kids out and about!


Bright Colours and textures to Ignite Imagination

Nomow are focusing on working with play companies in both schools and with the councils to provide exciting play areas that our kids cant wait to play on! Even just half an hour a day of play can dramatically change your childs future!

Following the success of the London Olympic Games, £1bn is being poured into competitive sport in schools to help encourage exercise and fitness. These Olympics have been such an inspiration for many children and helped to encourage competitive sport all over the world, it is importamt for u to help continue this enthusiasmand Nomow will be supporting them every step of the way!